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For environmental water treatment, building material, chemical, electricity, petroleum, steel, metallurgy, mining, food delivery.

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B-TOHIN's technology is built on two decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our air blowers and water pumps are manufactured in a variety of models with distinct features, including roots blower, rotary blower, centrifugal fan, side channel blower, submersible sewage pump, deep water pump, submersible mixer, centrifugal pump and other water treatment equipment. The air blower is a preferred choice for sewage treatment, desulphurization, pneumatic conveying, pipe cleaning, and oxygen supply; while the water pump is for drainage of wastewater, urban water supply, garden irrigation, fire fighting, long-distance water supply, etc. B-TOHIN has a team of R&D elites who can provide professional environmental solutions aimed at different industries. Our blower packages and solutions are well-received worldwide. Welcome to share your ideas with us!

    1. BK Three-lobe Roots Blower

      Benefited from the technology of the US Tuthill company, the new BK three-lobe roots blower that we offer is characterized by structural simplicity and high volumetric efficiency. The gear side and drive side of this air blower are using NSK or SKF bearings ...

    1. Low Noise Rotary Blower

      Since it came out in 1950, the rotary blower has been widely acclaimed by customers for its feature of low-noise. In Japan, the sales has reached 300 million sets, and in China, it has been widely used by thousands of green companies.

    1. GS Single-stage Centrifugal Blower

      The GS high speed centrifugal blower is characterized by wide applicability, significant energy saving, small footprint, low noise, and easy installation, operation and maintenance. The running can be controlled automatically and left unattended.

    1. Side Channel Blower

      Exquisite as it is, the blower has a maximum capacity of 2480m3/h, while the maximum differential pressure can reach 780mbar. The side channel blower has perfect performance of aeration, and thus has been widely used in water treatment and aquaculture industries.

    1. BDFZ type Acoustic Enclosure for Blower

      The versatility may go beyond your expectation. In addition to attenuating noise, this sound proof enclosure can indicate running pressure and bearing temperature, give alarm when set pressure or temperature is exceeded, and send out the control information.

    1. QJB Series Submersible Mixer

      When used together with aerating system, the submersible mixer can significantly reduce power consumption, increase oxygen content, and prevent sedimentation.
      The motor wiring adopts F class insulation at IP 68 class protection level.

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  • Provide technical advice during installation process;
    When the equipment is ready for commissioning, as per request, we can offer free commissioning service for blower package. The service is only available for sites located in China, and the commissioning usually takes two days. If your site is located outside of China, the service will be subject to further discussion;
    Build detailed user profiles and send regular letters to offer guides for maintenance and repair;

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